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These publications may be of interest for historical reasons. Because of their age, they may not reflect current research data or AIFS' current research methodologies.

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Towards understanding the reasons for divorce

Ilene Wolcott and Jody Hughes
Working Paper No. 20 — June 1999

Data presented in this paper are drawn from the Australian Divorce Transitions Project, a random national telephone survey of 650 divorce Australians.

The New 'Australian Family Panel Survey'

Peter Saunders and Helen Glezer
Australian Family Briefing No. 7 — May 1999

The Australian Institute of Family Studies is planning to develop a major new research initiative to be known as the Australian Family Panel Survey.

Reconceptualising Australian housing careers

Ian Winter and Wendy Stone
Working Paper No. 17 — April 1999

This paper explores empirically how the change to a risk society might be manifest in family life courses and, more particularly, housing careers.

Superannuation and divorce in Australia

John Dewar, Grania Sheehan and Jody Hughes
Working Paper No. 18 — April 1999

Findings from a recent Institute study show that most divorcing couples fail to consider superannuation in the division of property.

Ageing and families - the International Year of Older Persons

Family Matters No. 52, 1999

In this issue of Family Matters, Australian Institute of Family Studies researchers and experts in the area of ageing have contributed articles from their differing perspectives on ageing and the role of families and government. An overview of the articles is provided by Ilene Wolcott on page three of this issue.

What future for family research?

Peter Saunders
Australian Family Briefing No. 5 — February 1999

Over the last twenty years, the Australian Institute of Family Studies has established itself as a key centre for research on the family in Australia.

Changing families - challenging futures

Family Matters No. 51, 1998

We are pleased to publish in this issue of Family Matters the Keynote address delivered at the opening session of the conference by Dr Richard Eckersley, ‘Redefining Progress: Shaping the Future to Human Needs’, and several papers presented during the course of the conference.

Family values: Is there agreement?

Family Matters No. 48, 1997

Family relations and later life; the role of fathers as confidants for teenagers; understanding parenthood

Work and family values, preferences and practice

Helen Glezer and Ilene Wolcott
Australian Family Briefing No. 4 — September 1997

Initial findings from a new Institute study highlight the ways that parents' workforce participation is influenced by their values and preferences.