Annual report 2012-13

Annual report 2012-13

Annual Report— October 2013
Annual report 2012-13

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Throughout 2012-13 the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) continued to extend its research and disseminate evidence to increase understanding of the factors that affect family wellbeing in Australia. AIFS research is designed to inform government policies and practices directed towards supporting families in all their forms - wherever they live and whatever the characteristics of their communities.

To this end, the Institute has continued to publish research findings that are rigorous, informative and policy-relevant, with uptake of AIFS published material during this period being at its highest in the Institute's 33-year history. The Institute's expertise has continued to strengthen in a range of research methodologies, including longitudinal studies, program evaluation and mixed-methods approaches involving both qualitative and quantitative methods.

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Annual Report
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, October 2013.
172 pp.

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