Reforming the Australian welfare state

Reforming the Australian welfare state

Report— December 2000
Reforming the Australian welfare state

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Edited by Peter Saunders

The Australian welfare system is changing. A new agenda is emerging and radical reforms are in the air. This timely collection of essays addresses this new agenda and reflects on the case for radical reform. It includes contributions from prominent Australian academics and political leaders, as well as people working in the voluntary sector and those employed by the Canberra government. It brings together both advocates of reform and opponents. It also includes key writers from the United States and the United Kingdom where debates about welfare reform have both reflected and influenced thinking within Australia.

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Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, December 2000.
300 pp.
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Saunders, P. (Ed.). (2000). Reforming the Australian welfare state. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies

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