Collected works 1980-2001

Collected works 1980-2001

Research Report No. 6 — December 2001
Collected works 1980-2001

You are in an archived section of the AIFS website. Archived publications may be of interest for historical reasons. Because of their age, they may not reflect current research data or AIFS' current research methodologies.

The title of this volume - "Collected Works" - was chosen to describe the broad range of activities with which the Australian Institute of Family Studies has been associated during the twenty-one years since its inception in 1980. By browsing through the citations it is possible to obtain a picture of the many projects and activities undertaken at the Institute. This volume is intended to provide a useful reference work and guide to the Institute's research output. The citations are arranged in the following broad categories: Children and parenting; Family dynamics; Marriage, divorce and family law; Family and society; Family trends; and Research, methodology, strategy.

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Research Report
No. 6
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, December 2001.
107 pp.

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