Families and cultural diversity in Australia

Historical publication – December 1995

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Many people have contributed to this book. Our thanks go to those from various communities who commented on the proposal and the framework of the project in the planning stages. We particularly appreciate the contribution of Hurriyet Babacan, Stephen Castles, Joy Elley, Beryl Langer, PooKong Kee and Des Storer, members of the project's Advisory Committee, whose interest and critical comments so helped to refine the underlying themes. Several members of this Committee also commented on chapter drafts and the completed manuscript, and we extend special thanks to Joy Elley and Hurriyet Babacan for their assistance and overall observations in this regard. Thanks are also extended to Peter McDonald, formerly of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, and Helen Glezer, of the Institute, both of whom had a critical input at various stages of the project.

The contributors undertook with diligence and interest the often difficult task of describing families. Their cooperation, patience and careful attention through all stages of the project have been greatly appreciated. Discussion at two meetings of contributors produced some especially helpful ideas for all. The particular expertise of readers for each chapter assisted with the final content of the book.

Meredith Michie, the Institute's editor, was a continuing source of encouragement and advice. Elizabeth Weiss, of Allen & Unwin, supported the project from the outset and her calm belief that a book would indeed eventuate helped at some difficult points.

Finally, our thanks go to the many people from various communities who took part in focus groups, interviews and/or discussions with contributors. Their willingness to talk about their family experiences has enhanced the discussion of family issues in these pages.