Proceedings of the International Forum on Family Relationships in Transition

Proceedings of the International Forum on Family Relationships in Transition

Legislative, practical and policy responses

Historical publication— February 2006
Proceedings of the International Forum on Family Relationships in Transition

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1-2 December 2005

Edited by Bruce Smyth, Nicholas Richardson and Grace Soriano

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Introductory pages
Director's foreword
About the editors
Message from the Prime Minister
Opening ministerial addresses
A new family law system - The Honourable Philip Ruddock
Family support services and program responses - Senator the Honourable Kay Patterson
Keynote address: The proposed reforms and the Family Court - The Honourable Chief Justice Diana Bryant
Keynote address: The proposed reforms and the Federal Magistrates Court - Chief Federal Magistrate John Pascoe, AO
Panel: The Australian family law reform package
Opening remarks - Professor Patrick Parkinson
Session A: Legislative change - Mr Kym Duggan and Professor John Dewar
Session B: Family services and the Family Relationship Centres - Ms Sue Pidgeon and Ms Deborah Winkler
Session C: Child support - Dr Matthew Gray, Mr Wayne Jackson and Federal Magistrate Grant Riethmuller
Introductory address by the Governor-General
Keynote address: The United States experience - Dr Joan Kelly
Panel: Innovative practices 1
Opening remarks - Dr Andrew Bickerdike
A 'child responsive' program in the Family Court of Australia - Ms Dianne Gibson
Therapeutic program for litigating clients after separation - Mr Clive Price
'Bringing fathers in': International perspectives on father-inclusive practice - Dr Adrienne Burgess
Beyond 'innovative projects' to 'innovative strategies' - Mr Matt Miller
Panel and demonstration: Innovative practices 2 - Hearing children
Opening remarks - Professor Alan Hayes and Associate Professor Lawrie Moloney
A case study from Vietnam - Mr Le Do Ngoc
Hearing children's wishes: Practice of the Singapore Family Court in divorce proceedings - Ms Hoo Sheau Peng
Child sensitive practices in family law disputes: Are we finally beginning to get it right? - Associate Professor Lawrie Moloney
Keynote address: The Canadian experience - Professor Nicholas Bala
Panel: Practical resources for separating families
Opening remarks - Dr Bruce Smyth
Parenting plan models: Ideas and examples - Dr Joan Kelly
Resources for separating parents - Dr Paul Murphy
Connecting clients: CSA products and services to support separated parents - Mr Trevor Sutton
Keynote address: The New Zealand experience - Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier
Panel: Perspectives from East Asia
Opening remarks - Ms Annabelle Cassells and Ms Ruth Weston
Brief introduction to the legislation on marriage and family in China - Ms Ni Chunxia
Family empowerment in Indonesia - Dr Sulistiati
The Malaysian experience - Mme Aminah Abdul Rahman
The management of family violence in Singapore - Ms Corinne Koh
The Vietnamese experience - Mr Le Do Ngoc
Panel: Safety issues, mental health issues and the family law system
Opening remarks - Associate Professor Judy Cashmore
Barriers to meeting the needs of victims of domestic violence in the family law system - Dr Juliet Behrens
The Columbus program in Western Australia - Principal Registrar David Monaghan
Mental health and the family law system - Professor Bryan Rodgers
Family violence: Policy and legislative framework - Dr Rajen Prasad
Panel: Accessing the family law system
Opening remarks - Associate Professor Tom Altobelli
Challenges to accessing the family law system - Ms Nicola Atwool
Indigenous Family Consultants at the Family Court of Australia - Ms Josephine Akee
Summary and key learnings - Professor Richard Chisholm

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Historical publication
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, February 2006.
Last updated February 2006

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