ACSSA Newsletter— June 2011

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The ACSSA Aware newsletter was published by the former Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault from 2003-2011. They provided updates on the developments in policy, practice and research in the field of sexual assault, along with articles and contributions on significant topical issues. Aware also included news, interviews, reviews, service profiles and literature highlights.

Short summaries of the newsletter contents are provided below.

Aware No. 26 - 2011

Preventing violence against women: Developments in policy; Attitudes regarding the perceived culpability of adolescent and adult victims of sexual assault; Reflecting on sexual ethics and sexual assault prevention education

Aware No. 25 - 2010

Addressing sexual assault through human rights instruments; Online communication technologies and sexual assault; Measuring sexual offender recidivism; Partners in Prevention

Aware No. 24 - 2010

Ageing, dementia and adult survivors of childhood sexual assault; Public education media campaigns; Data from two studies of adults who had experienced sexual assault and had reported the incident to the police in the ACT

Aware No. 23 - 2009

New technologies, unauthorised visual images and sexual assault; Rape mythology and the criminal justice system. Profile: On theorising the un-naming of men's violence against women; Profile: The No Means No Show

Aware No. 22 - 2009

Developments in the sector: Prevention frameworks; Profile: Taking a national approach to sexual violence prevention; Profile: Responding to sexual assault within the Navy; Profile: Taskforce on the Prevention of Male Sexual Violence against Women

Aware No. 21 - 2009

Feature article on Virtual violence; Virtual harm and attachment; Book review: Trafficked

Aware No. 20 - 2009

Feature article: Subpoenaing counselling notes; Service profile: Sexual Assault Team Family Planning Queensland

Aware No. 19 - 2008

Recent research on Western Australian alcohol-related harms study; Resource review: Silent No More; Resource review: Women With Disabilities Australia; Research report: The Jacaranda Project; Conference report: Victorian Offender Treatment Association Conference, 2007; Feature article: Wartime rape

Aware No. 18 - 2008

Feature article: Serial survivors; Service profile: SADA project; Book review: Rape: A history from 1860 to the present

Aware No. 17 - 2008

What is the outcome of reporting rape to the police? Feature article: Forensic medical care for sexual assault victims/survivors in Australia; Promising practice profile: Aboriginal Healing Project, Department of Health WA; Agency profile: Specialist Sex Offences Unit, Office of Public Prosecutions, Victoria; Forum review: Sexual Assault Forum, Melbourne

Aware No. 16 - 2008

Feature article: Tell us what you know; Feature article: Engaging young people in leadership roles in the prevention of sexual assault; Research review: Where is care in the country; Current research: Partner rape and rurality

Aware No. 15 - September 2007

Review: Sex and the law; Review: Developing ethical sexual lives; Review: Lighting the path; Feature article: Perspectives on the treatment of men and boys who sexually abuse; Feature article: Considering 'elder abuse' and sexual assault; Interview: Friends of 'Comfort Women'; ACSSA's Promising Practice Database

Aware No. 14 - June 2007

Seminar review: The legal system's response to sexual assault; Feature article: Sexual pressure and young people's negotiation of consent; Feature article: Judging rape: Public attitudes and sentencing; Service profile: Preventing Prisoner Rape (SA); Book review: Real rape; Book review: The macho paradox

Aware No. 13 - December 2006

Family violence and sexual assault; Results of the Personal Safety Survey 2005; 'Elder abuse' and the sexual assault of older women: A new Australian policy response; ACSSA Publications Feedback and New additions to the ACSSA Good Practice Database; Good practice profile

Aware No. 12 - September 2006

Aboriginal women, girls and sexual assault;  ACSSA publications feedback; Identifying the woman, the client and the victim; Service profile: Deadly young women's business?

Aware No. 11 - May 2006

Sentencing trends for rape in Victoria; Rape for the 'Comfort' of Soldiers; New resources for those working with survivors of child sexual abuse; Safe at work?; Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault Initiative: New projects funded; Service profile: Respond SA, for adult victim/survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Aware No. 10 - February 2006

ACSSA Co-hosts an Anti-Sexual Violence Event with International Speakers from the Philippines; No Longer Silent; Justice, equity and diversity: The criminal justice response to sexual violence in diverse communities; Sex, Laws and Videotapes: Legal Responses to Sexual Assault; News in brief; An Evaluation of the NSW Child Sexual Assault Specialist Jurisdiction Pilot; Responding to Sexual Violence - DVD/Video; Service Profile - Springvale Legal Service; Good Practice Profile - Sexual Assault: Its impact and how to deal with it - an information booklet for the Bosnian community

Aware No. 9 - November 2005

Service profile - Sister's Inside Inc; Body Talk - A power guide for girls; Research update - Mental health revisited; Service Profile - Sexual Assault Resource Centre: Client mental health survey; Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Survey

Aware No. 8 - June 2005

Young people and sexual assault; Overview: State and Territory sexual assault policy; For the first time in Australia, we have a national framework for sexual assault prevention!; Feature: Prevention of sexual assault: Working with adolescents within the education system

Aware No. 7 - June 2005: Good Practice Special Edition

ACSSA highlights examples of good practice in service provision from each state and territory

Aware No. 6 - April 2005

Feature article: links between mental health and sexual assault, addressing this relationship in terms of how sexual assault impacts on women's mental health as well as looking at the vulnerability of people with mental illness to sexual assault

Aware No. 5 - January 2005

Major findings of the Final Report of the Victorian Law Reform Commission: Sexual Offences Law and Procedure

Aware No. 4 - September 2004

Making rights a reality; Service profile: Homelessness and sexual assault

Aware No. 3 - February 2004

16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women campaign; Women's Safety Awards 2004

Aware No. 2 - November 2003

The challenge of Indigenous family violence; Differing perspectives on "preventing" adult sexual assault; New estimates on the hidden figure of sexual assault

Aware No. 1 - September 2003

A Message from the Minister; Worldwide survey on violence against women; Introducing the Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault

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