Annual report 2017/18

Annual report 2017/18

Annual Report— October 2018

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Australian Institute of Family Studies annual reports describe the research and operations of the Institute, along with highlights for the year.

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2017/18 was also the second year of our Strategic Directions 2016–2020, a journey of transforming how we work at the Institute and with our partners, to ensure that our internal culture, capabilities and systems align with our aspirations to achieve ‘Excellence for Impact’. We have worked hard to consolidate the gains of the first year. A key part of this was to embed knowledge translation capability in our research teams, and to improve collaboration between our teams. Much of our focus in the coming year will build on this foundational work, to ensure our research evidence is useful for policy makers and service deliverers, and ultimately to improve the lives of children, families and communities.

Our progress towards achieving our 2020 strategic goals is deliberate and considered. This report outlines the journey so far.

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Annual Report
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, October 2018.
116 pp.

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