Australian Institute of Family Studies Style Guide

Australian Institute of Family Studies Style Guide

Version 4.0

Corporate document— June 2018

Each year AIFS publishes a substantial number of reports, newsletters and papers, as well as publishing material on social media daily. It is essential that all this material is produced in a way that makes it readable and accessible for its intended audience. An important aspect of this is ensuring that the writing and editing is of the highest standard and that all text is treated logically and consistently, both within individual works and across all our publications and communications. 

The AIFS Style Guide v. 4.0 is intended to provide guidance regarding the writing and editorial style we prefer and will be of use to authors, reviewers, editors, indexers and typesetters of our publications, as well as to communications staff. 

The Style Guide can be accessed below, or you can download a PDF from the sidebar. You will also find a quick reference guide in the sidebar, which is a handy two-page document containing our main stylistic preferences for text and includes a list of preferred spelling for words commonly used at AIFS. 

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Corporate document
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, June 2018.
Last updated June 2018
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