Beyond 18: The Longitudinal Study on Leaving Care

Wave 1 Research Report: Transition planning and preparation
Research Report – May 2018

1 Introduction

This report contains key findings from the first wave of data collection for Beyond 18: The Longitudinal Study on Leaving Care (hereafter referred to as "Beyond 18"). The report focuses on young people's preparation for transitioning from out-of-home care in Victoria.

The report draws on data from the first wave of the Beyond 18 study's main component: the three-year Survey of Young People. Results from the first waves of surveys of carers and of workers in out-of-home care and leaving care are also included.

This report explores some of the key elements of young people's preparations for leaving out-of-home care, including formal transition planning, education planning, the development of independent living skills and access to appropriate services. As this first research report from the Beyond 18 study is based on the first waves of data collection, the information presented here provides context about the circumstances of young people as they leave care.

At this stage, there is little information about young people's outcomes. As the study progresses through the second and third waves of data collection, there will be an increased focus on outcomes and these will be detailed in later reports.

The data were analysed to explore associations between young people's survey responses and care status, Indigenous status, gender, placement type, number of placements or number of caseworkers (among other things). Where meaningful associations or differences were found, they have been included in this report. Results that were not statistically meaningful and/or where the cell sizes were too small to allow for meaningful conclusions were not reported here but may be further explored in future waves of the study.