Commissioned reports

Each year the Institute is commissioned to produce a range of reports. The most recent reports (published by the commissioning organisation) are listed below. See also AIFS Research papers and reports.

Indigenous youth justice programs evaluation

Jacqueline Stewart, Bodean Hedwards, Kelly Richards, Matthew Willis and Daryl Higgins
Commissioned report— November 2014

Examines the impact of four programs designed to divert Indigenous people from entering the justice system.

Attendance in primary school: Factors and consequences

Galina Daraganova, Killian Mullan and Ben Edwards
Commissioned report— October 2014

aims to understand more about attendance patterns in primary school and their impact on academic achievement, using data from LSAC and NAPLAN.

Forced adoption support services scoping study

Daryl Higgins, Pauline Kenny, Reem Sweid and Lucy Ockenden
Commissioned report— February 2014

The study proposes service model options that could enhance and complement existing support services.