Enterprise Agreement 2012

Corporate document – March 2012

Part D: Employment Structure

8. Employment structure and arrangements

8.1 The Institute’s Employment Structure is based on the eight APS classification levels as established by the Public Service Classification Rules.

8.2 The Institute’s Employment Structure allots the six APS 1–6 classifications into three AIFS broadband levels, and retains the EL1 and EL2 classifications as separate levels, as follows:

AIFS Band Level APS Classification
AIFS Band 1–2 APS 1
  APS 2
AIFS Band 3–4 APS 3
  APS 4
AIFS Band 5–6 APS 5
  APS 6
AIFS EL1 Executive Level 1
AIFS EL2 Executive Level 2

8.3 Each of the three AIFS broadband levels contains a soft barrier (between the APS classifications 1 and 2, 3 and 4, and 5 and 6, indicated by a dotted line in the table at clause 8.2).

8.4 Each of the eight APS classifications has attached to it an Institute Work Level Standard, determined by the Director, that defines the type of work done at that level. The applicable Work Level Standard is reflected in each employee’s Performance Development and Review (PDR) plan (under clause 62).

8.5 Each of the eight classifications has attached to it a salary range and a number of pay points within each salary range.