Enterprise Agreement 2012

Corporate document – March 2012

Part A: Purpose

1. Title

1.1 This Agreement shall be known as the Australian Institute of Family Studies Enterprise Agreement 2012 and is made pursuant to Part 2–4 of the Fair Work Act 2009.

2. Purpose of the Agreement

2.1 The purpose of this Agreement is to enable the Australian Institute of Family Studies (hereafter referred to as the Institute) to better fulfil its vision of contributing to family wellbeing in Australia by undertaking high-quality research, that informs and influences policy and practice.

2.2 This Agreement establishes terms and conditions of employment for Institute staff that will enable the Institute to achieve the key outcomes contained in its Strategic Plan and subsidiary plans.

2.3 This Agreement aims to provide a safe and healthy working environment where the individual differences, skills, talents and views of all staff are valued, and where people are encouraged to learn and develop and share their knowledge through:

    1. enabling staff to develop and demonstrate their capacities;
    2. ensuring that individual remuneration and advancement are tied to formal assessment of performance, skills and value of work performed;
    3. providing flexibility in workplace arrangements, working hours and leave;
    4. promoting a consultative and cooperative approach to workplace issues;
    5. promoting adherence to the APS Values and the APS Code of Conduct set out in the Public Service Act 1999; and
    6. valuing and respecting diversity.

3. Principles

3.1 It is intended that the principle of equity of treatment should govern interpretation of clauses in this Agreement. A number of clauses are designed with inbuilt flexibility to enable managers to better meet the operational requirements of the Institute while ensuring a productive and supportive working environment that meets the professional, personal and family needs of staff. Principles of equity and procedural fairness should underpin decision-making in cases where a manager is required to exercise discretion in determining employees’ working arrangements.

3.2 Ensuring the effective implementation of this Agreement requires the continuing involvement and cooperation of all employees and, where they choose, their representatives who have been key elements in the development of this Agreement.