Families and cultural diversity in Australia

Families and cultural diversity in Australia

Robyn Hartley

Archived publication— December 1995
Families and cultural diversity in Australia

This book surveys the characteristics of family life of key groups in Australia: Aborigines, Anglo-Celtic, Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Italian, Latin American, Lebanese and Vietnamese. It looks at the differences between recent and older immigrant groups, the choices families are making in response to changing social and economic environments and how this affects relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, older people and their adult children. Included is a chapter which outlines key concepts in the book, discusses aspects of the relationships between families, society and migration, and identifies common themes and differences drawn from the other chapters.

Each chapter has been individually indexed and can be retrieved under the author's name. The chapters are: Families, values and change: setting the scene, by Robyn Hartley; Australian families: values and behaviour, by Peter McDonald; Aboriginal families in Australia, by Eleanor Bourke and Colin Bourke; Chinese family values in Australia, by Anita S Mak and Helen Chan; Filipino families in Australian, by Grace Soriano; Greek-Australian families, by Georgina Tsolidis; The Italian-Australian family: transformations and continuities, by Ellie Vasta; Latin American families in Australia, by Lily Amezquita, Rocio Amezquita and Renzo Vittorino; Lebanese-Australian families, by Trevor Batrouney; Vietnamese-Australian families, by Vuong Nguyen and Mai Ho.

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Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, December 1995.
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