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Figure 4: Pandemic timeline

January 25
First confirmed cases of COVID-19 arrive in Australia, from Wuhan, China

January 29
Queensland first state to declare public health emergency

February 1
Foreign nationals from mainland China banned from entering Australia

March 2
First cases of community transmission within Australia

March 12
PM announces $17.6bn stimulus package to protect economy; panic buying toilet paper!

March 27
Schools close in Victoria; Australiawide, students increasingly learning from home

March 23
Closure of clubs, restaurants, places of worship; NRL suspends season

March 22
PM announces second stimulus package, of $66bn; AFL suspends season

March 20
General ban on travel to Australia (except for Australian residents)

March 19
‘Social distancing’ imposed for clubs, restaurants etc.; Ruby Princess discharges 2,700 passengers in Sydney, hundreds infected

March 28
New daily cases in Australia peak at 468, cumulative cases 3,634

March 29
PM gives ‘strong guidance’ for people to work/ study from home and minimise outings; in Victoria, rules have been in place since Mar 18

March 30
PM announces JobKeeper wage subsidy program

April 6
Child Care Relief Package provides free child care to families, with priority for essential workers and vulnerable children

April 15–30
Daily new cases drop to less than 25/day; curve is flattening, but restrictions stay in place

April 26
Launch of the COVIDSafe contact-tracing app

May 1
Life during COVID-19 survey launched; new daily cases 14, cumulative cases 6,763

May 16
State governments easing restrictions; NSW allows up to 10 patrons per venue

May 25
Majority of students have returned to classrooms; NRL season restarts

June 9
Life during COVID-19 survey closed; new daily cases 5, cumulative cases 7,267, deaths 102

Return to Families in Australia Survey: Life during COVID-19

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