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No. 95 , 2014

Coming of age: Australia's flagship longitudinal studies

This issue of Family Matters presents a range of articles describing significant longitudinal studies conducted in Australia on families and family wellbeing.

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Previous issues

No. 94 , 2014

Families through a long lens

This issue of Family Matters presents a range of articles describing longitudinal studies being conducted on families and family wellbeing

No. 93 , 2013

Beyond disadvantage

This issue of Family Matters presents a range of articles on how disadvantage and inequality affects families

No. 92 , 2013

Exercising wisdom: Deciding family law matters

This issue of Family Matters focuses on presentations made at the 12th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference, 25-27 July 2012. The articles in this edition particularly address family law issues.

No. 91 , 2012

Growing Up in Australia and Footprints in Time

Features articles based on presentations from the 2011 Growing Up in Australia: Longitudinal Study of Australian Children and Footprints in Time: Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children Conference

No. 90 , 2012

Life events

Prevalence of potential family life difficulties; women's return to work after maternity leave; transition to school; and effects of separation on grandparents.

No. 89 , 2011

Protecting children: Evolving systems

National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children; child protection and law reforms; links between child maltreatment and adolescent offending; neurobiological effects of childhood maltreatment; and transitioning from out-of-home care


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