Family Matters No. 87 - April 2011

Book notes

Katherine Browne

The following selection of books on family-related topics are recent additions to the Institute's Library. They are available through Libraries, through the Institute's Library via the Inter Library Loan system, or for purchase from good book shops. Prices are given as and when supplied.

What about the children? Parenting post separation and divorce

(2010). Monash University.

In 2006 the Commonwealth government introduced new family law legislation, initiating a major change in the way that the Australian community was to approach and manage parental separation and divorce. A key feature of the changes was the development of a network of 65 Family Relationship Centres. This report investigates the developments and outcomes of one of the first Family Relationship Centres to be established, the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Family Centre. This research paper is aimed at policy-makers and researchers.

Online copies of What About the Children are available on the website.

Thriving!: Raising exceptional kids with confidence, character and resilience

(2010). Michael Grose. North Sydney, NSW : Random House Australia. Price : $29.95.

Thriving! revolves around the central theme of building resilient kids from age 3–12. The book is set out in five sections: setting the scene, get the foundations right, building confidence in kids, developing character in kids, and promoting resilience. Section one, get the foundations right, introduces the concept parental resilience and support networks. Section two, building confidence in kids, provides strategies for developing independence and resourcefulness in kids. Section three, developing character in kids, gives suggestions for promoting strong personal values in children which will act as their moral compass through life. Section four, promoting resilience, focuses on strategies to develop lasting resilience in kids. With practical, common sense strategies, this book is an excellent resource for parents of children aged three to twelve.

500+ questions children have about sex

(2010). Lyndal Caldwell and Gaye Dell. Baulkham Hills, NSW: Interrelate Family Centres. Price: $29.95.

Aimed at children and parents, this book answers many of the difficult questions kids have about sex. The questions in the book came directly from children aged 10–14 in NSW and were collected over a decade of research. The book is written in a way that kids will understand and provides expert advice on subjects such as sexual intercourse, relationships, having a baby, and homosexuality. This book would be a valuable addition to any household with young children and to all pubic and school libraries.

Social capital and social justice: Critical Australian perspectives

(2009). Geoff Woolcock and Lenore Manderson (eds). Darwin, NT: Charles Darwin University Press.

This book is a collection of essays exploring the issues of social capital and social justice from the standpoint of emerging and established Australian scholars. The essays are divided into two themes; measuring and applying social capital in public policy and the application of social capital discourse and policy. This collection is based on papers presented at a workshop of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences, held in July 2006 at the University of Queensland and would make valuable reading for social care practitioners, students and policy makers.