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No. 100, 2018

Exploring issues affecting Australian families for 37 years

We celebrate 100 issues of Family Matters by looking back on some of the important research completed by the Institute over the years and looking forward - presenting some current research focused on issues that matter to families and communities today.

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Previous issues

No. 39, 1994

Friends, families and support

Help from parents: does divorce make a difference? older generations and family support; young adult friendships

No. 38, 1994

Youth today

This edition of Family Matters gathers together articles concerning young people in Australia.

No. 37, 1994

Many faces of families

This issue of Family Matters features articles on the nine priority issues of the International Year of the Family.

No. 36, 1993

Parenting in the 90s

This issue of Family Matters features articles on the theme of parents and parenting.

No. 35, 1993

Indigenous Australians. Kinship, Family and Identity

This issue of Family Matters devotes a lot of space to articles about Australia's indigenous people. They are presented as a collection of indigenous voices about how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family life has been affected since white settlement. Doubtless there are other views about some of the issues raised, but they tell a powerful story of disruption, dislocation, deliberate social policies aimed at denying and destroying the value of indigenous forms of 'family' life. 

No. 34, 1993

Family Research in Australia

This issue of Family Matters includes papers and discussion from the Fourth Australian Family Research Conference (AFRC4).  A summary of the broad family issues raised at the conference is included, as are several of the papers.


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