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No. 100, 2018

Exploring issues affecting Australian families for 37 years

We celebrate 100 issues of Family Matters by looking back on some of the important research completed by the Institute over the years and looking forward - presenting some current research focused on issues that matter to families and communities today.

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Previous issues

No. 33, 1992

Children's Rights: Children's Voices, Adults' Choices

In this issue of Family Matters, we tackle a difficult and emotive topic, that of children's rights.  Because reactions to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child have been so extreme, and often misinformed, we present a variety of viewpoints and a range of information in the hope of clarifying the issues.

No. 32, 1992

Extended family in Australia

This issue of Family Matters has as its theme intergenerational relationship, the ties that bind.  

No. 31, 1992

Living day to day

This issue of Family Matters, features the first report based on results of the Institute's Australian Living Standards Study (Living day to day) and includes articles which examine the impact of the recession on families.

No. 30, 1991

Ageing: Everybody's future

This edition of Family Matters looks at issues for the 1990s:  Unemployment, Homeless families, Marriage trends, Child and family care, Family law and Becoming adult.


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