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No. 99 , 2017

Research to results

This edition presents a range of articles based on research presented at the AIFS 2016 Conference, "Research to Results - Using evidence to improve outcomes for families".

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Previous issues

No. 68 , 2004

Being young

Adolescent development, aspirations and becoming adult, and shaping new life patterns

No. 67 , 2004

Children's living arrangements after parental separation

In this edition of Family Matters we publish an article which describes the study’s development process, discusses the data that will be available to researchers from the first wave of data collection, and offers some pointers to the sorts of questions that can be addressed using the Growing Up in Australia dataset. Also in this issue, we feature a report of the official launch on 8 February 2004 of the first wave of Growing Up in Australia by Senator the Hon Kay Patterson, Minister for Family and Community Services.

No. 66 , 2003

Ageing: Issues for Australian families

Various approaches to understanding the effects and consequences of ageing for Australian families, and the roles of older people within families.

No. 65 , 2003

In the best interests of children

This issue of Family Matters includes a number of papers which address aspects of children's well being and factors which can pose challenges to their healthy development. 

No. 64 , 2003

Family trends

Changing patterns of partnering; Fostering social competence in young adults; Parents' child care choices

No. 63 , 2002

Fertility - the debate, the trends, the aspirations

The 'fertility crisis' has been the subject of active debate in the past year, and includes issues related to work and family, women's participation in the paid workforce, the ageing of the population, paid maternity leave, child care, the structure of family payments, the environment and the future of immigration.


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