"Feeling heavy"

Vicarious trauma and other issues facing those who work in the sexual assault field
ACSSA Wrap No. 4 – September 2007

Other resources

  • Green, R., Gregory, R., & Mason, R. (2003). It's no picnic: Personal and family safety for rural social workers. Australian Social Work, 56(2), 94-106.
  • Women's Health Statewide. (2002). Vicarious traumatisation: Occupational health and safety draft policy. Adelaide: Author. Retrieved 24 July 2007, from: http://www.whs.sa.gov.au/pub/draft_VT_polic_1.pdf
  • Staff-meeting, workshop or reading group idea: have everyone read the paper and then discuss their thoughts on the issue.
  • Supervision idea: supervisors could ask staff members to read the paper and ask how they think they could be better supported.
  • As always, please contact ACSSA if you would like more information or resources on this topic.