Forced Adoption Support Services

Forced Adoption Support Services

Establishing and building networks

Pauline Kenny, Sam Morley and Daryl Higgins

Commissioned report— January 2017

Commissioned and funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services

This paper provides best practice guidance on how government-funded forced adoption support services can develop and maintain networks that are positive, sustainable, and work to meet the needs of clients. Sections include: How have people previously found support; Pros and cons of working within network arrangements; Good practice considerations; What are the essential services required to help fill the gaps; Characteristics of good services; Enhancement of specialist services; Measuring success; Getting local networks started; Communications strategy; Recruitment; Developing formal arrangements; Making the network successful; Conducting effective meetings; and Monitoring and evaluation.

This paper was authored by AIFS staff and published by the Australian Government Department of Social Services

Forced Adoption Support Services: Establishing and building networks

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