LSAC Snapshot Series

LSAC Snapshot Series

Research Snapshot – September 2021


The LSAC Snapshot Series is made up of brief and accessible summaries of policy-relevant research findings from Growing Up in Australia.

A young woman helps her friend who is on crutches by providing support and carrying her bag.

Adolescent injury

Tracy Evans-Whipp and Suzanne Vassallo
Snapshot — September 2021

This snapshot looks at 16-17 year olds' experiences of injury and identifies the factors that might increase the risk of injury at different ages.

Young woman takes cold refreshing beer from out the fridge, inside view from fridge of hand holding the bottle.

Alcohol use among teens allowed to drink at home

Brendan Quinn
Snapshot — August 2021

This snapshot explores how many Australian teens had permission to drink at home and their experience of certain alcohol-related harms.

Stressed schoolboy sitting away from people at school. He has a smartphone in his hand and is looking away with his hand to his face.

Teenagers' experiences of discrimination

Tracy Evans-Whipp
Snapshot — March 2021

This snapshot reports the experiences of various types of perceived discrimination among Australian teenagers in the secondary school years.

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Research Snapshot
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, September 2021