Marriage counselling in Australia

Marriage counselling in Australia

A review

Ilene Wolcott

Historical publication— July 1981
Marriage counselling in Australia: A review

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In Australia, as in other industrialised countries, the institutions of marriage and family are undergoing modification in response to changing personal, social and economic attitudes and values as reflected in the statistics on separation, divorce and remarriage. The paper presents an overview of marriage counselling services with a focus mainly on information obtained from marriage counselling organisations approved under the Family Law Act. A brief review of recent trends in marriage, divorce and remarriage is included to place the subject of marriage counselling in a more relevant context.

AIFS Working Paper No 2

Publication details

Historical publication
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, July 1981.
16 pp.
Suggested citation:

Wolcott, I. (1981). Marriage counselling in Australia: A review (Working Paper No. 2). Melbourne: Institute of Family Studies.

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