Research summaries

Brief, statistical publications which outline changing family trends.

The modern Australian family

Research summary— May 2016

Explores the different phases of family, from the families we live with as children to the families we form as we grow older.

The modern Australian family

Working out relationships

Ruth Weston and Lixia Qu
Australian Family Trends No. 3 — May 2013

This facts sheet focuses on partnership and fertility trends, with a view to feeding into such decision-making

Attractive Mixed Race Couple Portrait in the Park.

Parents working out work

Australian Family Trends No. 1 — April 2013

This sheet presents statistical information about trends in parents' engagement in paid work, examining mothers' and fathers' employment patterns

Past and present adoptions in Australia

Daryl Higgins
Research summary— February 2012

Summary of the ways in which adoption currently operates, past adoption practices, and the potential impacts adoption has on those involved.

Families then and now: 1980-2010

Alan Hayes, Ruth Weston, Lixia Qu and Matthew Gray
Research summary— October 2010

The focus of this Facts Sheet is on broad family trends. It was prepared to celebrate the 30th anniversary of research by AIFS.