The role of emerging communication technologies in experiences of sexual violence

A new legal frontier?
Research Report No. 23 – February 2013

Appendix A: Plain language statement provided to participants

ACSSA Research Project titled "The Role of Social Networking Services and Mobile Phone Technology in Sexual Violence"

The Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault (ACSSA) at the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) is currently conducting research on the use of information and communication technologies in sexual assault. Through this research we are hoping to gain a better idea about how sexual violence is perpetrated using these technologies, and how to prevent these crimes in the future. We are also interested in how the legal system can better address these situations.

ACSSA is speaking to a range of professionals in areas relating to sexual violence and the use of technology. You have been approached to participate in this research due to your experience with victim/survivors of technology-facilitated sexual assault, your involvement in legal responses to these crimes or expertise in the area of technology facilitated crime. We are interested in your ideas about how to respond to sexual violence when it is facilitated by new technologies. We are also interested in how you think the use of social networking sites and mobile phone technologies could be better regulated by law.

Participation in this research will involve taking part in a recorded interview with a researcher from ACSSA. You will have control over the interview and you are able to decide what you would and would not like to discuss. You can also stop it at any time. If you do not wish to continue, all information related to you will be destroyed. If you chose to participate you will be assigned a pseudonym in any public documentation arising from the research and you will not be identified in any way.

This research will draw on your particular expertise in relation to sexual violence and/or information and communication technologies. The aim of the research is to enhance the understanding of legal and other professionals and improve the response of the legal system to technology-facilitated sexual violence. Your insights will contribute to how the community understands these crimes, how the criminal justice system responds to these crimes and future prevention strategies.


If you would like to be informed of the aggregate research findings, please contact Nicole Bluett-Boyd on the details provided below. If you would like counseling/debriefing facilities and trained personnel please contact CASA on 9635 3610 or visit the CASA website <> for a full list of local services.

For information on the project including how to participate contact Nicole Bluett-Boyd on (03) 9214 7888/Toll Free on 1800352275 or via email Or you can visit the ACSSA website <>.