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Family ties

Family Matters No. 41, 1995

Adults and their parents; family networks in urban and rural settings; links between child abuse and family violence; impact of the work environment on workers with families

Australian living standards: New research

Family Matters No. 43, 1996

This issue of Family Matters contains a number of articles that draw on the Australian Living Standards Study (ALSS), undertaken by the Institute on behalf of the Commonwealth Government.

Health and the family

Family Matters No. 44, 1996

Highlights two significant events; the conference on family health, which was held in Canberra 22–25 May 1996 and a report concerning a major US longitudinal study of the effects of day care on the development of infants and young children. 

New findings

Family Matters No. 47, 1997

Marriage, cohabitation and family life; experiences and expectations of older married couples

Family values: Is there agreement?

Family Matters No. 48, 1997

Family relations and later life; the role of fathers as confidants for teenagers; understanding parenthood


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