AIFS produces a number of publications relating to our research throughout the year. These include research papers and reports, facts sheets, commissioned reports and submissions. We also publish our peer-reviewed journal Family Matters twice a year and prepared reports for Closing the Gap.

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The experience of choice in voluntary relinquishment

Phillipa Castle
Family Matters No. 94, 2014

This article explores the concept of choice among mothers who voluntarily relinquish their child for adoption. Interviews were conducted with 15 mothers in Victoria who had relinquished a child since the introduction of open adoption in 1984. Though all of the mothers reported that the choice to relinquish was their own, the findings continue the perennial adoption theme that pressures - implicit and explicit - generated by the social context have a direct bearing on the decision to relinquish a baby - often producing a non-choice or forced choice.

Past and present adoptions in Australia

Daryl Higgins
Research summaries— February 2012

Provides a summary of the ways in which adoption currently operates, past adoption practices, and the potential impacts adoption has on those involved

Past and present adoptions in Australia

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 19

AFRC Newsletter No. 19 — August 2011

Articles include: lessons from other sectors in screening for family violence; issues related to past adoption practices; incarcerated mothers

Unfit mothers ... unjust practices?: Key issues from Australian research on the impact of past adoption practices

Daryl Higgins
Family Matters No. 87, 2011

Although reliable figures are not available, in the decades prior to the mid-1970s, it was common in Australia for babies of unwed mothers to be adopted. There is a wealth of material on adoption in Australia—including individual historical records, analyses of historical practices, case studies, expert opinions, personal testimony provided to two parliamentary inquiries—but limited empirical research on the issue of past adoption practices and its impact on those involved.

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 7

AFRC Newsletter No. 7 — February 2008

Identifying parental substance use and misuse in clinical practice; action research at the Hobart Family Relationships Centre; the late discovery


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