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Attitudes towards intergenerational support

Ruth Weston and Lixia Qu
Australian Family Trends No. 11 — November 2016

Examines the views of Australians about the obligations of parents and their adult children concerning financial and accommodation support.

Opinion - Re-thinking ageing research: Questions we need to know more about

Patricia Edgar
Family Matters No. 94, 2014

This opinion piece calls for for more - and better - research on ageing in Australia. It considers the wide range of issues needing further attention, including the markers of ageing, dependency, economic and social contribution, retirement and productivity, healthy ageing, changing family relationships and living arangements, social isolation and life satisfaction, life expectancy, sexuality, and successful ageing. This article is an edited version of Dr Edgar's In Praise of Ageing presentation, given as part of the AIFS seminar series on 12 June 2014.

Divorce and the wellbeing of older Australians

Matthew Gray, David de Vaus, Lixia Qu and David Stanton
Research Paper No. 46 — April 2010

Using data from the HILDA survey, this article provides estimates on the impact of divorce on wellbeing for older Australians aged 55-74 years

Divorce and the wellbeing of older Australians

The golden years?: Social isolation among retired men and women in Australia

Roger Patulny
Family Matters No. 83, 2009

Social contact beyond partners and co-residents is vital for wellbeing in old age. Besides the obvious benefit to life quality, broader contact with family and friends who live outside the household provides support beyond that available in one’s own household, particularly in circumstances of relationship breakdown or death of a spouse. However, broader social contacts are likely to be disrupted by retirement.

Overview: Ageing issues for Australian families

Ann Sanson
Family Matters No. 66, 2003

This introduction first offers a brief discussion of some of the issues associated with population ageing. An overview is then provided of the set of papers in this edition of Family Matters, which take various approaches to understanding the effects and consequences of ageing for Australian families, and the roles of older people within families.