AIFS produces a number of publications relating to our research throughout the year. These include research papers and reports, facts sheets, commissioned reports and submissions. We also publish our peer-reviewed journal Family Matters twice a year and prepared reports for Closing the Gap.

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Children who bully at school

Jodie Lodge
CFCA Paper No. 27 — July 2014

This paper provides background information about children who bully.

Children who bully at school

Parental involvement in preventing and responding to cyberbullying

Family Matters No. 92, 2013

Parents play a critical role in ensuring their children's responsible and safe use of online services, as part of a whole-of-community response to cyberbullying. This article helps practitioners and other professionals assist parents in clarifing their roles and helping teenage children engage in responsible online behaviour. It outlines definitions and statistics related to cyberbullying, explains the differences between cyberbullying and "offline" bullying, and discusses parents' roles and involvement in preventing and responding to cyberbullying incidents.

Opinion: Bullying in schools and its relation to parenting and family life

Ken Rigby
Family Matters No. 92, 2013

Drawing on the international research, this article examines the association between parenting factors and the involvement of children in bullying at school, whether as bullies or victims. Topics include: parental awareness and beliefs about bullying; insecure attachment and later involvement in bullying; family functioning; parenting style; and the role of low or excessive self-esteem. The article concludes with the implications for parent education.