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Challenges in the family: Problematic substance use and sibling relationships

Lisa Incerti, Claire Henderson-Wilson and Matthew Dunn
Family Matters No. 96, 2015

This article explores the lived experience of having a sibling with a problematic substance use issue, and how this affects the adult sibling relationship. It discusses findings from interviews with 13 women, highlighting themes of trust and secrecy, protectiveness, despair and frustration, and being overlooked and "not validated". The findings have implications for family therapy and support services.

An extended family for life for children affected by parental substance dependence

Menka Tsantefski, Anne Parkes, Anne Tidyman and Maureen Campion
Family Matters No. 93, 2013

Problematic parental substance use is considered the most critical issue facing the Australian child protection system. Despite various policy initiatives, including the public health approach, notifications of child maltreatment and numbers of children in out-of-home care remain unacceptably high. Clearly, an alternative paradigm for working with substance-dependent parents and their children is warranted.

Who cares?: Young people with parents who use alcohol or other drugs talk about their experiences with services

Tim Moore, Debbie Noble-Carr and Morag McArthur
Family Matters No. 85, 2010

Over the past 10 years there has been an increasing interest in the lives of children in families affected by parental alcohol or other drug use. What remains relatively unexplored is how children and young people experience these lives and the way in which they are supported by the broad service system. This paper reports on a project conducted in the Australian Capital Territory where young people talked about their lives. It stresses the importance of recognising that children and young people can be affected by their parents?


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