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Cradle to Kinder Evaluation Summary

Commissioned report— November 2017

The Cradle to Kinder program is an early intervention program designed to address the needs of vulnerable children and families.

Evaluating the outcomes of programs for Indigenous families and communities

Family Matters No. 99, 2017

This article outlines some issues and common challenges that require careful thought when planning an evaluation of a program targeting Indigenous people. Sections include: The need for outcome evaluations; Evaluation: the basics; Indigenous community involvement; Choosing an evaluation method; Adapting evaluation methods and measures; and Reporting. Examples from Ninti One, Kids Caring for Country, and Families and Schools Together (FAST) NT are included to illustrate themes. 

Social determinants of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption in the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children

Katherine Thurber, Nasser Bagheri and Cathy Banwell
Family Matters No. 95, 2014

The benefit of reducing children's sugar-sweetened beverage consumption is unequivocal, and this is particularly true for Indigenous children in Australia, who consume a higher quantity of sugar-sweetened beverages than non-Indigenous children. However, the development of effective policies and programs requires an understanding of the drivers of this behaviour. This article investigates these drivers, using data from the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC).


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