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Marriage, cohabitation and mental health

Paul Amato
Family Matters No. 96, 2015

Research consistently shows that married people have better mental health than single people do. However, the research is unclear on whether marriage causes improvements in mental health or whether people with better mental health are more likely to marry, and whether the benefits of marriage extend equally to wives and husbands and also to non-marital relationships such as cohabitation. This article looks at findings from a new U.S. study that seeks to explore these questions: the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health).

Trends in family transitions, forms and functioning: Essential issues for policy development and legislation

Ruth Weston and Lixia Qu
Family Matters No. 95, 2014

This article looks at the various ways in which family formation pathways and the characteristics and functioning of families have changed over the decades in Australia. It discusses trends in marriage, divorce and cohabitation, and the resulting rise in new forms of families, such as grandparent-headed families, same-sex-parented families, couples living apart together, and shared care. Though trends in the formation and stability of families have changed in striking ways over past decades, the fundamental things about families do not change.

Lasting couple relationships: Recent research findings

Robyn Parker and Joanne Commerford
CFCA Paper No. 22 — June 2014

Reviews recent research findings into couples in long-term relationships (married and de facto) that provide insight into the couple relationship.

Lasting couple relationships: Recent research findings

Working out relationships

Ruth Weston and Lixia Qu
Australian Family Trends No. 3 — May 2013

This facts sheet focuses on partnership and fertility trends, with a view to feeding into such decision-making

Working out relationships


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