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Same-sex couple families in Australia

Lixia Qu, Ken Knight and Daryl Higgins
Research summaries— September 2016

Children raised in same-sex parented families progress emotionally, socially and educationally at the same rate as other children.

Same-sex couple families in Australia

Lesbian parenting: Issues, strengths and challenges

Ruth McNair, Deborah Dempsey, Sarah Wise and Amaryll Perlesz
Family Matters No. 63, 2002

The Lesbian and Gay Families Project is a new study of lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and intersex families. This article focuses on aspects of the data collected from 136 women participants living in Victoria. The issues explored included family formation and methods of conception; reasons for choosing such methods; family structure including roles and responsibilities of the biological and non biological mothers and the biological father; levels of social and professional support; and an exploration of the self perceived strengths of and challenges for lesbian led families.

Family law: Relationships, diversity and the law

Catherine Caruana
Family Matters No. 63, 2002

Families in Australia take many and varied forms, including blended families, sole parent families, families headed by same sex couples, and with children conceived from donor sperm. In this article the author asks how the law is responding to accommodate diversity in relationships and family structure. She provides an overview of social trends and an historical background in relationship diversity, and examines the current status of family law with regard to marriage, children residence and contact, financial support of children, adoption, and property redistribution.

School experiences of the children of lesbian and gay parents

Vivien Ray and Robin Gregory
Family Matters No. 59, 2001

Research suggests that the children of gay and lesbian parents have similar psychological adjustments to those children growing up in more traditional family structures. Nevertheless, these children may face some particular challenges. In this article the authors explore the school experiences of a small sample of children of gay and lesbian parents. They identify some common difficulties that these children confront, and suggest some possible aproaches to overcoming them.

Opinion: Legal recognition of gay and lesbian families

Jenni Millbank
Family Matters No. 55, 2000

This article suggests that lesbian and gay claims to relationship recognition are transforming both what we think of as family, and the domain of family law. While some have claimed that legal recognition of same sex couples forms a 'slippery slope' into immorality or social disintegration, reform in this area is increasingly being accepted as an equal and just treatment of all citizens by the law, argues the author of this article.

Joint adoption by same sex spouses in Canada

Danny Sandor
Family Matters No. 43, 1996

In this brief article, the author explains that the Ontario Court of Justice has expanded the meaning of 'spouses' for the purposes of adoption applications to include same sex couples in a conjugal relationship.