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Poverty and welfare: Marginalisation and destitution in the aftermath of the United States recession

Laura Lein
Family Matters No. 93, 2013

Two recent disasters - the global economic recession and Hurricane Katrina - have drawn attention to the lived experience of poverty in the United States and the weaknesses in programs designed to protect families from the effects of poverty. This article describes the impact of these disasters on trends in poverty, unemployment, underemployment, marginalisation, and disconnection in America, and how this poverty is experienced by individuals and families. The article also considers the areas where welfare policies and programs can best intervene.

Social inclusion in the family support sector

Catherine Caruana and Myfanwy McDonald
AFRC Briefing No. 19 — March 2011

A summary of research on social inclusion and the relevance of the concept and its application to family support services.


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