Ten to Men: Insights report

Ten to Men: Insights report

Report – October 2020


This Insights report is the first major output of Ten to Men findings produced by AIFS since the study transitioned to the Institute from the University of Melbourne in 2018. It is designed to promote Ten to Men, showcase the breadth of data collected, and disseminate its findings in an accessible format to diverse audiences, including health care providers, the general public, researchers and policy makers. Above all, it aims to provide a broad overview of the health of males in Australia and highlight specific concerns affecting this group: poor mental health, weight issues and obesity, involvement in ‘risk’ behaviours such as heavy alcohol use, and sub-optimal rates of health and social support service use. 

The four chapters in this report comprise themes purposely aligned with priority areas in the National Men’s Health Strategy 2020–2030


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1. Mental health of Australian males

Sonia Terhaag, Brendan Quinn, Neha Swami, Galina Daraganova
Report— September 2020

Focusing on the mental health of men of different ages and their health care use, this chapter explores depression among males of all ages, the prevalence of suicide, and how loneliness may affect these experiences.

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2. Alcohol use among Australian males

Brendan Quinn, Neha Swami, Sonia Terhaag and Galina Daraganova
Report — October 2020

This chapter uses data from Waves 1 and 2 of Ten to Men (TTM) to explore lifetime and ‘recent’ (past year) consumption of alcohol among Australian males. It looks at frequency of alcohol use, experience of alcohol-related consequences, and factors associated with more harmful patterns of use.

3. Overweight and obesity among Australian males (to be released October 2020)

4. Health literacy and health service use among Australian men (to be released November 2020)

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Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, October 2020