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Conference Keynote. Two-generation programs:: Can 1 + 1 be more than 2?

Greg Duncan
Family Matters No. 99, 2017

Two-generation programs provide coordinated services to both parents and children - for example, early childhood education complemented with a parenting skills program. In this article, based on his keynote address given at the 16th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference, Distinguished Professor Greg Duncan looks at the potential of two-generation programs to benefit families - such as by closing the school achievement gap between children of high and low socio-economic status or reducing 'toxic stress' in the home.

"Working out what works for families": Evidence and the Australian child and family service system

Family Matters No. 99, 2017

Overviews the increasing policy and practice focus on the need to better understand the effects of social services on families. Hand highlights how governments across Australia are increasingly making data collection and evaluation part of their conditions for funding programs and individual services. The article also discusses the contested nature of "evidence" and future directions for program evaluation.

Corporal punishment: Key issues

CFCA Resource Sheet— March 2017

Outlines recent research literature and discusses the use and effects of corporal punishment on children

Corporal punishment: Key issues


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