Research by AIFS for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

In March of 2013 the Royal Commission approached AIFS to provide some background information relating to institutional child sexual abuse. The information requested is listed below.

Much of this information was already included in broader research into child maltreatment that AIFS had previously published. Further work was undertaken to tailor research specifically into institutional child sexual abuse.

Mandatory reporting obligations

Every state and territory has provisions for mandatory reporting in their legislation. A general publication on mandatory reporting obligations is available at:

Oversight of child sexual abuse

Information relating to the agencies in each state or territory responsible for oversight of child sexual abuse.

A general publication relating to prevalence of child maltreatment is available at:

Employment screening legislation

A general publication on employment screening is available at:

Summary of offender registration legislation

International inquiries into child sexual abuse

Prevalence studies

A list of references related to child sexual abuse prevalence studies in the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, USA and Canada in the past 10 years.

A general publication relating to prevalence of child maltreatment is available at:

Statutory definitions

Further reading on child abuse and neglect

Royal Commission published research webpage

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