The relationship between gambling and domestic violence against women

Content type
Commissioned report

September 2020


Nancy Greer, Rebecca Jenkinson, Uma Jatkar

Commissioning Body


This qualitative study investigated the relationship between gambling and violence by men against their female intimate partners.

While gambling was found not to directly cause intimate partner violence, it does reinforce the gendered drivers of violence to intensify the frequency and severity of intimate partner violence against women. The study also highlights the prevalence of economic abuse among women experiencing gambling-related intimate partner violence. 

The study found that some service providers lack awareness about the link between gambling and intimate partner violence. Screening and integrated service responses for both gambling problems and intimate partner violence were limited.

The study further found that gambling-related harm (including economic abuse) is enabled by current protocols of gambling operators and financial institutions.

The report includes recommendations for awareness-raising, prevention and improved service delivery.