Dan Myles

Senior Research Officer

Australian Gambling Research Centre

Dr. Dan Myles is a Senior Research Officer with the Australian Gambling Research Centre where he works to understand gambling-related harm for people who gamble, their families and the wider community. His research aims to better understand why certain forms of gambling pose a greater risk of addiction and harm, examining how particular product design features contribute to these risks and regulatory strategies that could be used to mitigate them.

Dan holds a PhD in psychology from Monash University, where he conducted research focused on the design of electronic gambling machines and social attitudes towards gambling harm minimisation policy. Dan's research experience spans a broad range of disciplines, including cognitive neuroscience, applied behavioural science, auditory perception, social attitudes research, evidence-based government program evaluation, recovery from traumatic injury and surgery, and public health. He has experience with advanced quantitative research methods, including Bayesian statistics, hierarchical models, causal research methods and computational modelling of cognition and behaviour.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), Monash University
  • Master of Science (Clinical Neuropsychology), Leiden Univerisity
  • Graduate Diploma (Psychology), University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy), Monash University