Jennifer Baxter

Executive Manager, Families, Society and Life Course Research

Family & Society

Dr Jennifer Baxter leads the Families & Society Research team. The team undertakes research using survey and census data (e.g., Australian Bureau of Statistics collections, HILDA) as well as administrative data, including via MADIP (the Multi Agency Data Integration Project). The team has oversight of AIFS Facts and Figures.

Jennifer’s research interests include analysing the use and provision of child care, family employment patterns, parental leave-taking and return to work, as well as fathering, gendered patterns of unpaid work and care, and children’s time use. 

Jennifer’s research contributions focus on quantitative research, including the application of cross-sectional and longitudinal methods, and the analyses of time use data and administrative data. She is currently leading an AIFS project to explore parents’ use of Paid Parental Leave and Dad and Partner Pay, through analysis within MADIP. Jennifer has also undertaken qualitative data analysis as part of the work with AIFS’ Families in Australia Survey and various evaluation activities.

Jennifer has managed a number of large projects for AIFS, most recently the evaluation of the Australian Government’s Child Care Package.