CfC FP ObjectiveSupporting families and parents 
Early learning and care 
Create strong child-friendly communities 
School transition and engagement 
Delivered toChildren aged 4 to 13
Delivered byTeachers, counsellors
Delivery settingSchool-based, community-based                                                         
Program developerPositive Pieces Education 

About the program

Second Step is a universal program designed to increase students’ school success/ school-readiness, improve peer relationships, and decrease problem behaviours by promoting social-emotional competence and self-regulation.

Program structure

Learning kits are available for children at each age level on the Second Step website.

Facilitator training

Online training included for all users with purchase of program. 


Program kits range from $440-460.

Program bundles range from $850 – $3,190

Find more at the Second Step website.

Evaluation and effectiveness

Second Step has undergone multiple radomised controlled trials . The program has been shown to be beneficial as a universal, health promotion and preventative program for preschool and kindergarten-aged children. Results also show significant improvements in social, emotional, problem solving skills and lower frequency of disruptive behaviour (including verbal and physical aggression) post implementation in the classroom. 

A full list of research findings is available on the Second Step website.