Communities for Children outcomes measurement matrix

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Resource sheet

April 2024

This resource is designed to assist Communities for Children (CfC) service providers with locating valid and reliable tools to measure program outcomes. It may also be useful for other service providers who work with children and families. Please note that inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement of particular products.

How to use the matrix

This matrix sets out the child, parent and family outcomes that commonly feature in CfC programs, along with a selection of corresponding measurement instruments. You can access information about how to administer and source your preferred instrument via the links below the tables. Definitions of the specific outcomes are also provided.

The matrix can be used by CfC providers to find outcomes measures that are both valid and appropriate for the context of the program; that is, target group, program type, method of delivery, etc. For instance, if you want to know whether your program has resulted in improved family functioning the matrix provides you with 3 instrument options (FAM-III, FACES-IV and FES) to explore further.

Please note that the matrix doesn’t provide an exhaustive list of available tools and you will need to thoroughly assess any particular tool before using it. Explanatory details about the instruments are provided in the matrix and you can always contact the developer of the tool to discuss your requirements.

Child outcomes

Child outcome                      ASQ         
TRAK ($)
BECS ($)          BERS-2 ($)     CDRISC ($)          CSEI-SC    
M&MFPEDS ($)          PIPPS ($)PSI ($)          PWI-        
RSCA ($)          RQ ($)  SCBE  ($)  SDQ          SSIS  ($)WAI        
Improved early childhood development/         
school readiness
xxx   x  x     x xx
Improved social and emotional wellbeing   xx x  x     xxxx 
Increased social skills          x     x  
Improved peer relationships   x   x  x     x  
Reduced behavioural problems        x  x    x  
Improved personal wellbeing   x        x      
Increased resilience     x        x     
Improved parent-child relationship       x           

Parent/carer outcomes

Parent outcome                       EPDS FACES-      
Improved family functioning xxx             x 
Improved parent-           
child relationship
  x      x   xx  x 
Increased parental confidence and capacity        x x  xxx   
Improved mental healthx      x  x        
Reduced parental stress             xx    
Improved personal wellbeing    x x    x    x x
Improved responses to child's behaviour         x  xxx    
Improved connections with the communityx    xx    xxxx  xx

Community outcomes

For information on measuring community outcomes, see Demonstrating community-wide outcomes: Exploring the issues for child and family services.