Talking about parenting? A resource for practitioners working with parents and children

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September 2019

A new resource launched as part of National Child Protection Week, 1–7 September 2019, highlights how the ways we talk about parenting with parents makes a difference for children.

Designed for practitioners working with parents and children, the Talking about parenting poster draws on new research and guidance, which shows that:

  • Words matter 
    The way we talk about parenting affects how parents engage with our services.
  • We can have different conversations 
    The Talking about Parenting Toolkit offers new ways to talk about navigating life’s choppy waters.
  • It helps to put children first 
    Starting conversations with a focus on children and their needs can set us on the right track when talking with parents.

Access the poster: Talking about parenting?


We encourage you to share the poster among your networks and print a copy for your workplace.

This resource has been co-produced by the Australian Institute of Family Studies’ CFCA Information Exchange, the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, and the Parenting Research Centre for National Child Protection Week, 1–7 September 2019. It draws on the collaborative work between FrameWorks Institute and the Parenting Research Centre.

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