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Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) is an information exchange for professionals working with children, families and communities.

Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) is an information exchange for practitioners, policy-makers, service providers and researchers working with children, families and communities.

CFCA provides evidence-based resources and interactive assistance for professionals working to protect children, support families, and strengthen communities across Australian jurisdictions.

CFCA resources


CFCA papers offer an objective exploration of how research applies to policy and practice, and are written by or in collaboration with expert researchers and service providers. CFCA resource sheets and practice guides are shorter papers that focus on a specific issue in depth, and CFCA short articles are summaries of important research and resources of relevance to our key audiences.

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The CFCA webinar series provides easy access to presentations on a range of relevant topics from eminent researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and service providers. Sessions are free, and presentation materials, including audio recordings and transcripts, are made available for download from the website.

CFCA news

CFCA news is a fortnightly email notification of our new resources and AIFS news, as well as information on the latest research, practice news and resources, and forthcoming conferences and events. A news feed on the CFCA website is updated regularly and informs the content of the fortnightly email news.

Helpdesk service

CFCA provides a research and information helpdesk for child, family and community welfare practitioners, service providers, researchers and policy-makers. We assist with enquiries related to the latest stats and facts, evaluation advice, research findings, and practice/policy pointers.


Executive Manager, Child and Family Evidence
Manager, Content and Knowledge, Child and Family Evidence
Knowledge Translation Specialist, Child and Family Evidence
Senior Research Officer, Child and Family Evidence
Senior Research Officer, Child and Family Evidence