Australian Institute of Family Studies

We are the Australian Government's key research body in the area of family wellbeing. We conduct research to increase the understanding of Australian families and the issues that affect them.

Recent publications

Commissioned report— Mar 2020

This research brief investigates children’s use of health care services, the use of health and support services and children’s unmet service needs.

A teenage boy getting his heart checked by a doctor
Working Paper— Mar 2020

Examines the association of parents’ mental health, parenting behaviours, and alcohol use and smoking with the social-emotional wellbeing of young chi

Commissioned report— Mar 2020

This brief investigates the role of parenting, parents’ mental health and their health behaviours on the social-emotional wellbeing of their children.

Teenage girl speaking to her mother while holding hands
Working Paper— Mar 2020

Examines health and support service use among Australian children, especially of at-risk children. Uses data from LSAC.

A multi-ethnic group of high school students are outdoors on a summer day. One girl is taking a selfie with the group.
LSAC Annual Statistical Report 2018— Dec 2019

This is the ninth volume in the LSAC Annual Statistical Report series, which uses data from the last seven waves of the study.


AIFS Conference new date: June 2021

We are delighted to announce that our biennial conference has a new date: 15–18 June 2021.

Watch this space for updates on the program and registrations.

Hope that people at risk of gambling harm will use pokies closures to kick the habit

April 2020: With pokies venues closed due to coronavirus restrictions, there is hope that some people at risk of gambling harm will be able to kick the habit. However AIFS researcher Dr Rebecca Jenkinson cautioned that ‘this is also a time of great uncertainly, anxiety and stress for people’, which can leave people vulnerable to gambling harms. ‘We do know that the greatest harm associated with gambling is related to poker machines, absolutely. But there is concern that some people – particularly those at risk of gambling-related harm – might fill the gap left by the pokies with sports betting, lotto tickets or even online poker machine games, which are illegal in Australia.’

Coronavirus response: Resources for families

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on family life. Children home from school, parents working from home, or out of work. Grandparents isolated. Illness and fears for health and safety. It is a stressful time, but it can also be an opportunity for families to pull together and strengthen the bonds between them.

Here are some resources that can help.