Family Trends and Transitions

Current project

This research project seeks to identify and understand key demographic trends in Australian family life in order to inform family related policy.


Understanding trends in Australian families is important research for the Institute, as it promotes the identification and analysis of factors affecting families' life transitions and wellbeing. Understanding these trends is important for developing or adjusting family related policy and research.

About the project 

This project monitors and seeks to explain broad family-related trends in areas such as leaving home, couple and family formation, family stability, family dissolution and re-formation, along with associated values, attitudes and beliefs. The project's findings are disseminated through publications and presentations as well as the Institute's Family Facts and Figures.

Recent publications

Same-sex couple families in Australia
This facts sheet provides data on same-sex couple families in Australia.

The modern Australian family 
This facts sheet explores different phases of family life, including childhood families to those formed in adulthood .

Life satisfaction across the life course 
The paper examines how life satisfaction changes as Australians pass through the common events of life.

Working out relationships
The paper focuses on partnership and fertility trends in Australia.

Australian households and families
This facts sheet examines the extent and nature of change in household and family forms.





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