Family Matters No. 61, 2002

Work and family life - our workplaces, families and futures


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Family Matters issue

March 2002

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This edition of Family Matters highlights a diverse body of research which takes various approaches to understanding the issues of work and family life.

Director's report

David Stanton

With the focus of this edition of Family Matters being issues of work and family, the author makes reference to recent attention paid to work and family issues by the major Australian political parties, and notes that the Australian Institute of Family Studies is continuing its work in this area. He also provides information about two new projects for the Institute: the Stronger Families Learning Exchange, which forms part of the Government's Stronger Families and Communities Strategy; and the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children, which will examine the impact of Australia's unique social and cultural environment on the next generation, and explore family and social issues relevant to children's development.


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Coordinator of research articles: Matthew Gray

Publications Committee: Matthew Gray,Meredith Michie, Catherine Rosenbrock, Ann Sanson, David Stanton, Ruth Weston and Sarah Wise

Editor: Meredith Michie