Working with families whose child is bullying

Working with families whose child is bullying

An evidence-based guide for practitioners

Jodie Lodge

CFCA Paper No. 26 — July 2014
Working with families whose child is bullying

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When children bully others at school, they are at significant risk of continuing this pattern of antisocial behaviour and having mental health concerns as they grow older. While bullying is often labelled as a school-related issue, it is also a family issue, as bullying is a behaviour often affected by the family environment. As such, working with families to interrupt the continuity from school bullying to later adverse life outcomes could be viewed as a form of early intervention for preventing crime, as well as a method of promoting health.

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Authors and Acknowledgements

At the time of writing Jodie Lodge was a Research Fellow at the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

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CFCA Paper
No. 26
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, July 2014.
16 pp.

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