Beyond 'drink spiking'

Beyond 'drink spiking'

Drug and alcohol facilitated sexual assault

Alexandra Neame

ACSSA Briefing No. 2 — November 2003
Beyond 'drink spiking'

Current media representations of drink spiking tend to ignore the realities of most sexual assaults that occur in the context of heavy alcohol consumption. The author of this paper states that to avoid the re-emergence of victim-blaming stereotypes, drink spiking must be situated in the broader context of drug and alcohol facilitated sexual assault. Australian data sources on the prevalence of drug and alcohol facilitated sexual assault are discussed, followed by an exploration of media responses to this issue. Awareness and prevention approaches that treat drugs and alcohol as weapons are then presented.

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ACSSA Briefing
No. 2
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, November 2003.
12 pp.

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